Luc Hemelin

Themelin is the Chairman of the Management Board of Mersen SA.

Maurice Lévy

Graduated with a degree in Computer Science from New Jersey City University, USA.

Jacques Bailet

Jacques Bailet graduated from "HEC," The School of Business Studies

Frédéric Lemoine

After completing a law degree, Frédéric Lemoine enrolled in the prestigious Hautes...

Bruno Keller

Bruno Keller graduated from the "Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen

Leonard Riggio

Leonard Riggio is a graduate from the Brooklyn Technical High School (in 1958) and the...

Muhtar Kent

Muhtar Kent is a graduate of the English University of Hull, from which he has a...

Jeffrey Immelt

In 1978, at Dartmouth College, Jeffrey Immelt earns his B.A. in applied mathematics.

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