Jany Arnal


In 1988 Jany Arnal graduated with a degree from School of Engineering Science and Water Technologies. She continued into postgraduate study, graduating in 1989 with an MBA from IAE Montpellier (Montpellier School of Management).



After graduating with an MBA, Jany Arnal began her professional career in 1989 by joining Lyonnaise des Eaux as a research engineer in hydraulics and urban hydrology.
In 1992, still working with Lyonnaise des Eaux, she was promoted to Operations Manager for the south central region of Carcassonne. After five years she relocated to Morocco to take up the position of Director of Suez Environment, a subsidiary company of Lyonnaise des Eaux. During her term in this role she worked on upgrading services for water and sanitation and the electrification of slum areas of Casablanca.
In 2002 Jany Arnal returned to France, this time to the Bordeaux region, where she took on responsibilities for the work of Lyonnaise des Eaux agency in the Medoc Gironde Basin.
In 2006, continuing her career with Lyonnaise des Eaux, she returned to her hometown of Marseille. Over the next four years she worked as Director for the Languedoc region followed by Director of the subsidiary Société de Distributions d’Eau Intercommunales (SDEI).
In 2010 she was appointed Regional Director for Lyonnaise des Eaux in the Mediterranean Pyrenees area, based in Béziers. In this position she is responsible for fourteen departments and 650 employees.

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In 2012 Jany Arnal was cited by the Club des 500 magazine as one of the top 100 most influential women in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France.

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