Volkmar Denner

Dr. Volkmar Denner joined Bosch in 1986 and has spent his entire career at the company. After serving as Senior Manager, Executive Vice President and then President, he became the seventh CEO of Bosch in 2012.


Denner graduated with a doctorate in physics from the University of Stuttgart in 1985.


Denner was born in Uhingen, Germany in 1956. After obtaining a PHD in physics at the University of Stuttgart in 1985, he joined Robert Bosch GmbH in 1986 as a senior expert in semiconductors. Three years later he was named head of the department, and by 2000 he was Executive Vice President. In 2003 he was named president of Bosch’s automotive electronics division and in 2012 he beat auto parts chief Bernd Bohr in the running to become CEO. Denner is only the 7th CEO in the company’s long history.

In his time at the company he has called for a bold move towards hydrogen power and to begin production of renewable synthetic fuels once the Coronavirus pandemic ends. According to Denner, a broad technological approach that focuses not only on battery-electrics but also on efficient combustion engines and renewable synthetic fuels and fuel cells is the right approach to achieve truly sustainable mobility.


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Denner was among 15 German CEOs who were invited to a private dinner with then-President Barack Obama during the Hannover Messe in April 20

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