Patrick Rosenbaum

Born December 29th, 1947 in France, Patrick Rosenbaum is Managing Director of the Pierson Capital Group



Patrick Rosenbaum obtained a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, by equivalence, and an MSc in Electronics, Electrotechnics and Feedback Control, with honours, in 1969 from the University of Toulouse in France. He obtained his Engineering degree in Electronics, with a specialty in Feedback Control, at the ENSEEIHT (a prestigious French engineering school) one year later, finishing second of his graduating class. Patrick Rosenbaum then completed his PhD on Feedback Control Systems in 1976 from the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel on the theme of Non-Linear Feedback Control Systems.



Patrick Rosenbaum started his career in 1969 with an internship at Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was tasked with creating an algorithm aimed at testing the TTL integrated circuits manufactured by Motorola. For his end of studies project, he also participated to the design and manufacturing of a prototype for the automatic testing of computer electronic cards mandated by the French government in 1966 under the direction of professor Jean Lagasse, at the LAAS in Toulouse.

After an experience as project leader for the design and manufacturing of an automatic measurement system to be used in the French metallurgy industry at Delta France, Patrick Rosenbaum starts his PhD at the Weizman Institute under the direction of Professor Isaac Horowitz who asks that he follows him during his sabbatical year at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. During this year he works with NASA to develop a software allowing NASA engineers to automate the design of linear feedback control systems for plants with a large parameter uncertainty.

In 1977 Patrick Rosenbaum joins Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to head the Feedback Control and Navigation department, in charge of developing the control and navigation systems for various IAI projects.

Between 1980 and 1995 Patrick Rosenbaum (along with Dr. Moshe Bar Lev) co-founded and acted as the deputy director of the Space Technology Division of the IAI, in charge of the development of military observation satellites (Offeq family) and geosynchronous communication satellites (Amos). From 1990 he was the driving force behind the business development and marketing actions of the IAI Space Department, in charge of important projects such as Eros (use of imaging satellites for commercial purposes) and marketing of Amos type communication satellites.

Between 1978 and 1984 Patrick Rosenbaum was appointed senior lecturer for the “Feedback Control System” BSc and MSc programs at the Tel-Aviv University.

Patrick Rosenbaum was invited as a guest speaker at several conferences and symposiums all over the world (New York, Dubai, Adelaide, Haifa, Paris…) and participates directly in the negotiations between the Ministry of Finance, the banks and the Wall Street financial institutes in order to get the funding necessary for the completion of the Eros and Amos satellites construction and launch.

Between 1995 and 1996 Patrick Rosenbaum will act as a partner in a venture capital firm where he helps identify several Israeli start-ups in the telecom industry.

In 1996 Patrick Rosenbaum co-founds ImageSat International. The company is a continuation of the Eros project. ImageSat International uses its constellation of satellites to provide sub-meter images.

Patrick Rosenbaum is now the Managing Director of the Pierson Capital Group, an international group with over 2,700 employees and offices in Mexico, Luanda, and Beijing. The group specialises in the financial engineering of large infrastructure projects in emerging countries. Furthermore, the Group has an Oil and Gas division as well as a Renewable Energy division that is focusing on second generation biomass technology.

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