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Created in the early 2000’s, Pierson Capital was founded by Pierre Falcone, a French businessman. Incidentally, his company’s name is a mixture between his own first name and the first name of Bolivian wife, Sonia Falcone. The company’s headquarters are located in New York but Pierson Capital also has a Beijing office in order to consolidate, control, and coordinate its business in Asia. The company is also present or represented in: America (Mexico City), Africa (Luanda), Middle East (Dubai), as well as thirty other countries around the world.



Present in four continents, Pierson Capital works on developing new markets and companies across the world, most notably in developing countries and fast growing sectors.

The company specializes in strategic consulting as well as financial engineering: they provide their clients with crucial information by creating, structuring, financing, and implementing tailor-made projects in extremely competitive and multicultural environments.

Pierson Capital most notably focuses on the financing and realisation of infrastructure projects in the heart of developing countries. The company is thus at the origin of major projects such as the construction of social housing (Angola, Venezuela), highways (between Point Noire and Brazzaville, the East-West Highway in Algeria), railways, pipelines, hotels, ports and many more.

The company also acts as a consultant, developer and/or investor for various profitable projects: start-ups in the field of new and advanced technology, real estate projects, hotels, tourism, and agriculture.

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120 North LaSalle Street - Chicago Illinois 60602 USA


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    Pierre Falcone

    Born May 19th 1954 in Algiers and is the CEO of the Pierson Capital Group.