Pierre Falcone

Born May 19th 1954 in Algiers and is the CEO of the Pierson Capital Group.



Pierre Falcone left Algeria in 1962 with his family to France, where he received his bac in 1973. Pierre Falcone continued his studies at l’Université d’Aix en Provence where he decided to study law and economics. It was on the university benches at the age of 22 that he developed his entrepreneurial spirit and decided to begin his life in business by creating his own business that bought, prepared, and sold escargots. In 1977, Pierre Falcone decided that he would live in Brazil.



Pierre Falcone quickly learned Portuguese and went all over Brazil to visit the chamber of commerce of each state that he visited, and discovered all of the opportunities that Brazil had to offer as a rapidly emerging market. That is when, Pierre Falcone decided to become involved with international commerce, specifically the exportation of Hearts of Palm.

Next, Pierre Falcone founded the company Brenco, which specializes in the construction of infrastructures such as hospitals, highways, ports, railways, and schools in developing countries.

In the early 90’s, Brenco became one of the principal advisors of SOFREMI, The French Society of Exportation of Materials and Systems of the Ministry of the Interior, which was created in 1986 under the jurisdiction of the French Ministry to promote French know-how in the domains of security and negotiation of sales contracts for communication and equipment to foreign police forces. This collaboration proved effective for France: Pierre Falcone negotiated a number of contracts from which SOFREMI profited, such as the sale of a control room to the police of Bogotà or the sale of radio telecommunication equipment to the police of Buenos Aires.

Pierre Falcone pursued the development of these activities and decided to expand his business into the Chinese market in 1988.

Today, Pierre Falcone is the head of Pierson Capital, an international group with more than 2,600 employees with locations in Mexico, Luanda, and Beijing. The group specializes in the financing of infrastructures in developing countries, after which they assure that their services take hold and continue development in the area. Pierson offers both strategic council and decisive international action among their services.

Pierson Capital has been the driving force behind or participated directly in the realization of large public works projects such as the creation of Luanda 2, the construction of a number of housing projects in Venezuela, the construction of a highway in Pointe-Noire in Brazzaville, and various similar projects throughout Africa and Latin America.

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