Akbar Al Baker


Akbar Al Baker studied in India and holds a degree in economics and commerce. He also obtained a pilot’s license.



Akbar Al Baker was born in Doha, in 1962. He moved to India to pursue a degree in economics and commerce. It was in India where the future CEO of Qatar Airways obtained his pilot’s license. For 25 years, Akbar Al Baker has pursued his career as a businessman in the aviation and tourism industry, before finally becoming CEO of Qatar Airways. He served as a director of the Civil Aviation Directorate in Qatar, where he developed a profound understanding of the transportation sector in the region. Akbar Al Baker is also a former chairman of Qatar Tourism Authority. In this position, he was in charge of tourism infrastructure development.

It was not surprising when Akbar Al Baker was elected as the new president of Qatar Airways in 1997. Under his careful guidance, the small regional company grew into a multinational carrier. Al Baker’s personality played an important role in this transformation. The Qatar manager has always been committed to excellence, and demanded the same from his team and his suppliers, including Airbus and Boeing. The aircraft manufacturers have already got used to hearing criticism from Akbar Al Baker about their new aircraft. The employees and pilot unions nicknamed him “Mr. Burns” (in reference to the character from The Simpsons) because of his character: fussy, demanding and committed. He manages the number one airline of Qatar and is also a president of a number of other companies. Akbar Al Baker is a member of the council of governors at the International Air Transport Association, and he is a president of several departments of the group, such as Qatar Airways Holidays and the media department. His Excellence is also a director of the Airport of Doha, later known as Hamad International Airport.

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In June 2015, French president François Hollande conferred upon Akbar Al Baker the prestigious award “La Légion d'honneur”.

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