Bertrand Camus

Born in France on 9th February 1967, Camus is currently the CEO of French water and waste management company, Suez. Camus has worked in various roles for Suez since 1994, eventually rising to the position of CEO in May of 2019. 


Camus attended the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and graduated with an M.Eng (Masters in Engineering) in 1991. 


After graduation, Camus joined French international banking group, BNP Paribas. His most notable project during his time there was overseeing a water plant construction project in Sydney, Australia. 

In 1994, Camus joined Suez, initially working from the Paris office and managing projects in several different countries. 1998 saw him promoted to the position of Director of Business Development for the Asia Pacific region. 

In 2000, he became Chief Operating Officer of Argentinian water company, Aguas Argentinas, where he remained for six years before returning to Suez as Director of Internal Audits in 2006. He then moved to North America in 2008 where he was CEO of Suez’s North American division. His major achievement while in the U.S. was leading the first ever private equity investment project involving a U.S. municipal water company/system. 

After his tenure in the U.S.A., he moved back to France and was named as Deputy CEO of Suez Water Europe and also the Water France division. As part of his duties, he inaugurated the largest underground wastewater treatment plant in the world (in Marseilles) in June of 2017. 

The following March, he was made Senior Executive VP for Suez, with his responsibilities covering the areas of the Middle East, India, Asia and Australia. In June of 2018, he announced a partnership with China’s Everbright International to allow Suez to enter China’s hazardous water treatment market. 

The announcement of his appointment as overall CEO of Suez was announced in December of 2018 though he did not take up the position till the following May. In June of 2019, he was part of a group of 35 CEOs to launch the CEO Guide to Human Rights.


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Quote: “To create a sustainable consumption pattern, we must first establish sustainable production processes: a circular economy with industrial performance which makes it possible to save resources.”


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