Dominique Cerutti

Dominique Cerutti currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of Altran Technologies and has a long background of executive leadership in the technology industry.


Dominique Cerutti graduated in 1984 from l’École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP), located in Paris, France. ESTP specializes in construction and project management and is known as one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France.


Right out of school, Mr. Cerutti got his start with Bouygues Construction as a civil engineer and site manager. He soon moved on to IBM, serving in the sales engineering and sales management departments before attaining his first senior management position as the Director of the Personal Systems Group in 1996.

After working directly with IBM CEO and Chairman Lou Gerstner in New York, Mr. Cerutti moved up to Vice President of Operations for EMEA in the Personal Systems Group in 2000. There he managed $5.2 billion in revenue and helped define and drive a hybrid distribution strategy in the region.

Mr. Cerutti continued to climb his way up the corporate ladder at IBM, serving as the General Manager of the firm’s Global Services unit, first for Western Europe and then for the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa region. In this role, he managed €12 billion in revenue and over 60,000 employees. Mr. Cerutti helped IBM’s Global Services unit become the leader in IT market services in Europe.

In 2005, Mr. Cerutti took over as General Manager for all of IBM’s EMEA operations and helped lead a transformation of the company’s sales and distribution model in the area. He pioneered a new shared services model and developed innovative management practices that were later adopted across the company. Mr. Cerutti led the break-up of the EMEA unit and subsequently took charge of the new IBM Southwest Europe. He served as General Manager for Southwest Europe and as a member of the IBM Worldwide Management Committee and the CEO’s Senior Leadership Team until 2009.

In December 2009, Mr. Cerutti took on a new challenge, becoming President and Deputy CEO of NYSE from NYSE Euronext, the world’s leading exchange group. Within the group, he was also Global Head of Technology, helping design, build, and operate pioneering information systems for its markets.

Mr. Cerutti then oversaw Euronext’s spinoff from parent company ICE and was chosen to be the CEO of the newly independent Euronext Group in 2013. He successfully ran a strategic repositioning of the company as the pan-European finance leader, readapting the group’s cost structure and delivering significant shareholder value.

In July of 2015, Mr. Cerutti became CEO and Chairman of Altran, a global leader in innovation and high-tech consulting. He now oversees more than 24,000 engineers and consultants who bring in nearly €2 billion in yearly revenue.

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Dominique Cerutti is a big fan of jogging and diving.


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