Alexey Miller


Alexey Miller holds a PhD degree in economics from the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics.



After obtaining his PhD degree, Alexey Miller worked as a researcher at the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics.

In 1991, he joined the Foreign Economic Relations Directorate as a Head of Division, Director and Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. His direct supervisor in this position was the future president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

From 1996 to 1999, Alexey Miller held the position of Director of Development at the St Petersburg Seaport. In 1999, he became Managing Director of Baltic Pipeline System. A year later he moved to Moscow, where he was appointed as a Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

In 2001, Alexey Miller was appointed at the helm of Gazprom. His key task was to reorganize the company and to return most of the shares that had been lost to private sector during the previous decade, back under the control of the state. In 2004, 51% of shares of Gazprom belonged to the state. Another achievement of Gazprom under the leadership of Miller was to strengthen the company’s positions on the global market. In 2007, at the annual meeting of Gazprom shareholders Miller announced that the process of transformation of the company into a leading global player was complete.

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Alexey Miller was granted many titles and honors, including the Order of Honor, the Order of Merit and the Medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland.

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